17th CIB Program

Preview of the program of the 17th International Bioenergy Congress

The 17th International Bioenergy Congress (#CIB24) advances the program of conferences and round tables that will be held on October 1 and 2 at Feria de Valladolid, in parallel to the 4th Renewable Gas Exhibition, under the motto “Renewable gases: the great allies in the defossilization of the Spanish economy.” The CIB24 […]

Genia promotes projects in Castilla y León

These days Genia Bioenergy has presented several projects for the construction of biomethane plants in small municipalities of Castilla y León, thus supporting the social promotion of bioenergy for the economic and social development of rural communities

On the one hand, the company has presented in Langa de Duero (Soria) what it intends to be one of the most relevant projects in the medium term, in which it will invest 23 million euros to take advantage of 140.000 tons of organic waste, which in addition to gas renewable, would generate 60.000 tons per year of organic amendments to improve

biogas installation

Biogas is good and necessary, and all the agents involved must ensure that this is the case

AEBIG works to give visibility to good practices in the world of agroindustrial biogas, and to serve as reinforcement for the sector in the face of the numerous accusations of lack of truthful information against biogas plants, led by various groups and platforms. The construction of anaerobic digestion plants involves a multitude of complex and varied techniques

Biogas plant created by Biovic

Biovic develops biomethane projects in Spain worth €30 million in 2023

Biovic, the leading Spanish company in engineering and execution of sustainable energy projects behind the major initiatives in the biomethane and biogas sector in Spain, has been one of the leading companies at the V International Congress on Energy Engineering (iENER) held in Valencia , where he has participated with the help of his manager

MITECO publishes a map of the projects financed with the Recovery Plan

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has published a map that reflects the execution of funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) carried out directly by the ministry and the organizations that depend on it, such as the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, the

BioGemis idae tool

IDAE launches biogemis, a tool to calculate biogas emissions

The Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) has developed the BIOGEMIS tool that allows you to easily calculate greenhouse gas emissions from the production and use of biogas, in accordance with the methodology established in the Renewable Energy Directive. , REDIII. The calculator is designed to help

EBA digestate report

The digest: production, use and potential in agriculture

The document “The contribution of digestate to soil health” prepared by experts from the European Biogas Association (EBA) exhaustively reviews the production, use and agronomic and environmental benefits of this product. Within the framework of environmental concerns and the transition towards more sustainable economies, the production of

Waga installation in DROME

Waga Energy commissions a WAGABOX® unit in Drôme

On April 11, a new WAGABOX unit for biomethane production went into production at the Veolia Energy Storage Cluster (PSE) in Chatuzange-le-Goubet (Drôme) by Waga Energy. This WAGABOX® unit will produce up to 25 GWh of biomethane per year, which is equivalent to the consumption of 3.500 homes, avoiding emissions to the

Bioenergy Iberica biogas installation

Bioenergy Ibérica promotes biogas plants in Catalonia

Bioenergy Ibérica promotes the expansion of biogas plants in Catalonia, responding to the announcement by the Generalitat on the allocation of 46 million euros in aid to the primary sector for the implementation of these facilities on small and medium-sized farms. With the aim of supporting the transformation of agricultural operations, Bioenergy

Redexis installation in Lorca

Redexis Renovables acquires two new biogas plants in Murcia

Redexis Renovables has announced the acquisition of two biogas plants in Lorca and Los Alcázares, in the Region of Murcia, which with the necessary adaptations will produce 80 gigawatt hours (GWh) of biomethane annually, managing 211.000 tons of agri-food, agro-industrial and livestock waste at the same time. anus. The total investment that the company will make for the acquisition,

HRS wins largest heat exchanger order in its history

The company HRS Heat Exchangers, which has been designing thermal transfer products and systems in numerous sectors for more than 40 years, has announced that it has obtained the largest order for heat exchanger components in its history, valued at 3,382 million euros. As reported by the company in a press release, the heat exchangers

Biociv biogas installation

Biovic increases its international presence with new projects in Portugal and France

Biovic, an engineering and execution company for sustainable energy projects, closed 2023 with a notable increase in its international activity. Foreign sales of the Grupo Gimeno company already represent close to 10% of turnover. The company ended the year starting with new projects in Portugal and France. In France, Biovic leads a development together with

Inauguration of new vogelsang plant

The Spanish subsidiary of Vogelsang opens new facilities in Tarragona

Vogelsang is a German company with 100 years of experience that is dedicated to the manufacture of components for different sectors, including pumps, grinders and solid matter feeders for digesters. Although it has been operating in Spain for more than 16 years, it is now taking a new leap; launches center

Waga Energy launches its first renewable gas project in the United States

This pioneering initiative will contemplate the production of Renewable Gas, which will be injected into the local network, feeding communities and promoting sustainable mobility. Steuben County landfill stands as first site in the United States to adopt Waga Energy's revolutionary WAGABOX® technology, which is already making waves

Call for the presentation of papers at the International Bioenergy Congress 2024

The Spanish Biomass Association, organizer of the 17th International Bioenergy Congress 2024, together with its technological partner, the Spanish Biogas Association, invite researchers, academics and professionals from the sector to present their papers for the next edition of the congress, which will be will celebrate on October 1 and 2 in Valladolid, in parallel

CycleØ acquires Biogasclean to increase renewable gas production by capturing CO2

Last February CycleØ announced the acquisition of Biogasclean, a leading Danish company in biological desulfurization and methanation systems. CycleØ, a leading pan-European biomethane platform, develops, builds, and operates its own renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in Europe and Latin America. This strategic acquisition represents an important milestone for CycleØ and the

Circular desulfurization in anaerobic reactors: Innovation in the biogas sector

The head of R&D in Mineral Products for Industry (Promindsa), Dune Prat, has given a presentation on circular desulfurization in anaerobic biogas reactors within the last International Bioenergy Congress. In her intervention, Prat offered an innovative perspective on this process. Promindsa has presented at the Micronox Biox ON16 congress, a micronized mineral that

Suez Air Quality highlights the potential of biomethane in the decarbonization of heavy transport

Suez Air Quality has highlighted the potential of biomethane in the decarbonization of heavy transport during the International Bioenergy Congress. Arantxa Bomboí, head of business development at Suez Air Quality, has shared her experience and knowledge about the development of this technology. With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, Bomboí has ​​emphasized

Why are large-scale biomethane plants the future of the sector? Lundsby Renewable Solutions

Within the framework of the International Bioenergy Congress, Cristian Toscano, telecommunications engineer and master in international business and European Union law, presented a presentation on the development of biogas plants in Denmark. Toscano, current manager of the Danish firm Lundsby Renewable Solutions, specialized in the construction and operation of such plants,

Ambisort Circular presents innovations in the treatment of organic waste in the biogas industry

Experts from the Bioenergy Congress have put on the table the latest innovations in the treatment and dehydration of organic waste, especially in the biogas industry. In an outstanding presentation, Daniel Ayala, engineer and CEO of Ambisort Circular, shared key solutions to optimize this process. Ayala highlighted the importance of dehydrating the digestate, a by-product of

WTENergy highlights the potential of BioSyngas in industrial decarbonization

The CEO of WTEnergy, Andrés Ponce, presented during the last International Bioenergy Congress a presentation focused on the use of BioSyngas for the decarbonization of the energy-intensive industry, in which he focused on the review of success cases and the upcoming applications of this technology. Just like

Expedite the injection of biomethane into the natural gas network

The National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) is preparing the management procedure to connect biomethane generation plants with the natural gas transportation or distribution network. An initiative that arises in the context of the European decarbonization strategy and the need to reduce fuel dependence

Thöni presents a digester agitation system that increases biogas production by 50% and reduces the carbon footprint

Within the framework of the International Bioenergy Congress, environmental technology expert Robert Lackner, from the company Thöni Industribetribe, presented revolutionary advances in the operation of biodigesters that promise to boost biogas production in a sustainable and efficient manner. Lackner's intervention focused on the importance of agitation technology in the

Javier Díaz, president of AVEBIOM

Javier Díaz (AVEBIOM) demands legislative support and agility in the processing of projects to promote the development of biogas in Spain

The president of the Spanish Biomass Association (Avebiom) has asked the administrations for “legislative support” and facilities in the processing of files to be able to take advantage of the great potential that the production of biogas and biomethane has in Spain. In his speech at the sectoral challenges table of the 16th International Congress of

Joan Batalla, president of SEDIGAS

Biomethane is part of the “DNA of the decarbonization strategy” of the gas sector

During his participation in the 16th International Bioenergy Congress, held as part of the Renewable Gas Show, the president of the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS), Joan Batalla Bejerano, highlighted the fundamental role of renewable gases in the decarbonization strategy of the gas sector. Batalla Bejerano began his intervention by underlining the importance of

16th International Bioenergy Congress

A four-way game to promote biogas

“In an international market where countries take advantage of all the virtues of biogas, it is necessary to apply a comprehensive vision to understand and exploit all the potential we have.” These are words that he uses in his article, recently published in RETEMA, by Xavier Flotats, Honorary Member at AEBIG, with the challenge of helping to understand, that

III Renewable Gas Exhibition

Spain accelerates the start-up of biomethane plants with 200 projects

Our country currently has eleven operational biomethane plants that produce 455 GWh/year (one in Madrid, six in Catalonia, two in Castilla y León and two in Galicia), about 250 biogas plants with a total production of 8.079 GWh /year and seven solid biomass gasification plants in operation (one in Galicia, one

News from the Renewable Gas Show

What useful developments in biogas and biomethane plant projects did José Miguel find at the III Renewable Gas Exhibition?

With Ernesto Herrera, manager of TAKORA Solutions, he learned about the equipment and solutions that his company promotes as FLUITECO representative for Spain and Portugal. Santiago Salcedo, manager of TORO EQUIPMENT, provided solutions with fiberglass anaerobic digester tanks. Pedro Morate, managing director of IBEROSPEC, which represents ECOMEMBRANE, showed him his

Laura escudero by kerbest

Kerbest reduces emissions by 80% with Psychrophilic Anaerobic Digester

The 16th International Bioenergy Congress witnessed an important advance in the biogas industry thanks to Laura Escudero, R&D technician at Kerbest, who shared a practical case: the psychrophilic anaerobic digestion of pig manure on the Avicogan farm, located in the province of Ávila, Castilla y León. Avicogan Farm

Manu Barrera member AEAS

Biogas, key to advancing the energy neutrality of treatment plants

The latest changes in European wastewater regulations through a 2022 European directive that is still under review pose new challenges for companies that manage the integral water cycle, such as improving the quality of the water that is purified, which which implies an increase in consumption

Inauguration II Renewable Gas Show

The Renewable Gas Show continues to grow: more than 200 exhibiting companies, 700 congressmen and 3.000 accredited professionals will attend its third edition

For two days, Valladolid will once again be the European epicenter of the biogas and biomethane sector, where professionals from all related industries will be able to strengthen ties and launch new projects. Spain is at a favorable time to accelerate the start-up of biogas and biomethane plants and position itself as the third

Antonio Tarazona

ZEWATECH: STRIPPING for Ecological and Profitable Management of Digestates in Biogas Plants

The challenge of treating wastewater with high concentrations of ammonia affects numerous sectors, representing both an environmental and economic problem. Traditionally, Biogas plants have faced high costs when managing this waste, either sending it to specialized managers or discharging it into the environment. ZEWATECH, with its patented TURBOFLASH technology, presents a solution

enerlan installation

Catalana de Biogás participates in the Gas_Renovable Fair together with Enerlan Solutions, the engineering company that supports the installation of biogas plants

Catalana de Biogás, together with Biogas Hotchreiter, Aprisco and Sinia, represent a strategic alliance for the creation of a project with high potential for growth and scalability. Catalana de Biogás provides a comprehensive solution for the management of organic waste through its energy recovery, being present throughout the value chain. We develop and promote

MRU analyzers

MRU biogas analyzers for different uses and needs will be at the Renewable Gas Show

With more than 35 years in the gas analysis market, MRU has developed portable and stationary equipment that allows biogas measurements to be carried out quickly and completely. Among the portable equipment, MRU has multi-gas analyzers with multifunction probe for simultaneous gas sampling and flow monitoring and designed for

norvento installation

Norvento Enerxía, Forestación Galicia and Frigoríficos Bandeira launch a biogas project to treat 30.000 tons of organic by-products in Galicia

Frigoríficos Bandeira SL, a leading Galician company in the meat sector, dedicated to the slaughter and cutting of cattle, is carrying out an ambitious plan to improve its Bandeira facilities based on sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint. To this end, and with the help of Norvento Enerxía and Forestación Galicia, it promotes


Protech Continental bets on Kronoa Enginereed Solutions and will present its new generation of helical screw pumps at the Renewable Gas Show

This alliance represents the convergence of more than two decades of experience in the supply of high-performance mechanical equipment and innovative vision in pumping technologies, with equipment specifically designed to raise standards of efficiency and reliability. Kronoa Premium Line helical pumps are distinguished by their constructive design of

Members of POSEIDON

AVEBIOM, ICODOS, Global Omnium and Fundación Valenciaport participate in the POSEIDON project, which aims to optimize the production of synthetic methanol (e-methanol) and promote its use for maritime transport

On a pilot and pre-industrial scale, the POSEIDON project will implement a high-performance process based on an innovative technological concept to obtain renewable synthetic methanol (e-methanol) from renewable electrical energy and hydrogen, including CO2 capture. The pilot plant will be tested in relevant operating environments, in maritime traffic engines and

Total Energies biogas

TotalEnergies is committed to the collaborative strategy to promote Biogas

TotalEnergies, as a world-leading multi-energy company, is very clear that the transformation of the energy model to significantly reduce carbon emissions requires powerful and committed actors. The planet requires agents that are capable of responding in all energy areas, offering the best alternative for people and for the environment.

Denmark biogas graph

11 companies from Denmark participate in the Valladolid Renewable Gas Show

On October 3 and 4, Denmark participates in the Renewable Gas Show with a national stand, coordinated by the Danish Export Association, which brings together 11 companies that offer technologically advanced and efficient solutions for the entire biomethane value chain, from pretreatment of organic waste until obtaining

artois installation

Artois Methanisation, an eco-responsible solution for organic waste generated by industry and municipalities in the Nord-Pas de Calais region (France).

Operating since April 2012 Graincourt-les-Havrincourt (France), this plant owned by SEDE-Veolia treats biological sludge, flotation grease, production rejects, animal by-products, restaurant grease, collective catering waste, sewage waste, manufacturing deviations, etc. The Artois plant has a processing capacity of 32.000 t/year, and produces about 7.000

Enagas at the aebig assembly

ENAGAS GTS presented at the General Assembly of AEBIG partners the current situation of the GdOs system in Spain and opens a consultation period on the operation of the Subjects Committee

Inés Melchor, Head of Guarantees of Origin at ENAGAS GTS, presented at the General Assembly of members of the Spanish Biogas Association (AEBIG) all the progress achieved in the last year with the new Guarantees of Origin System. Among other milestones, she presented an example of what the document, the certificate, and

biolvegas installation

Biolvegas begins the injection of biomethane into the gas network

The Nortegas Group, through its subsidiary Nortegas Green Energy Solutions, together with Biovec, Bioenergética de Navarra, the rest of the founding partners of Biolvegas and the company Oleofat, has carried out the first network injection of biomethane from the biogas plant located in the municipality of Ólvega (Soria). The plant has

France Guest country III Renewable Gas Show

Le biogaz et le biométhane connaissent un succès croissant en Espagne

The country includes 250 biogas plants, the plupart lies in the treatment installations of the eaux uses, which will produce 8 GWh of energy in 079. End of 2021, there are five biomethane plants available, but Spain has a great potential in this domain and will become the four most important European countries.

biomethane in Spain

The train that Spain can let pass

The future energy mix will be dominated by renewable energy sources. Along with wind and solar energy, renewable gases such as biomethane and renewable hydrogen will play a key role in achieving Europe's long-term climate change mitigation and energy security goals. See the full news

congress launch


We are at a key moment to accelerate the start-up of biogas and biomethane production plants in Spain. From the national biomass and biogas associations -AVEBIOM and AEBIG-, organizers of the 16th International Bioenergy Congress, we encourage all agents who work for the development of the sector to present their

Redexis installation

Redexis gets its first biomethane production plant

Redexis, a comprehensive energy infrastructure company, has formalized the purchase of 70% of the Energy Green Almazán Company, until now the owner of a treatment facility for animal by-products not intended for human consumption that produces and markets flour and fats. In this way, Redexis takes majority ownership of its first plant

prezero installation

The Community of Madrid entrusts Prezero and Acciona with the start-up of two new biomethane plants to manage 145.000 tons of organic waste

The Community of Madrid will finance two biomethane plants with 66 million euros from European Next Generation funds to achieve their transformation towards a circular recycling model. According to estimates by the General Directorate of Circular Economy of the Community of Madrid, a total investment of about 153 million will be generated.

olvega biogas plant

The Oleofat Group leads, together with a group of local investors, the start-up of the first plant in Andalusia to obtain biomethane for injection into the natural gas network

Oleofat has chosen the Jaén municipality of Mengíbar for the implementation of the future renewable natural gas plant due to the potential of its agricultural and food network. As reported by the City Council, Oleofat has initiated several agreements with the main actors in the primary sector and agri-food industries in the province of Jaén, with the

Potential distribution

Sedigas publishes a “Study of the production capacity of Biomethane in Spain”

This study prepared by the Spanish Gas Association, Sedigas, in collaboration with PwC and the specialized consulting firm Biovic, has the objective of analyzing the national potential of this renewable gas and providing knowledge that helps in the definition of its development plans and in the national decarbonization strategy. “Spain has a

bio360 logo

On February 8 and 9, the BIO360 exhibition will be held in Nantes, the main meeting in France on bioenergy and bioeconomy

AVEBIOM, organizing entity of the Renewable Gas Fair and Expobiomasa, and BEES, organizer of BIO360, have signed a new collaboration agreement to promote both events and participate jointly in the global challenge of preserving our planet by accelerating the bio-transition. In summary, the next edition of Bio360Expo includes a complete conference program

5 wba points

A 5-point plan to scale biomethane globally

The World Bioenergy Association has prepared a document with 5 key recommendations for politicians and administrations to take advantage of the potential of biomethane. Promising initiatives and business opportunities with biomethane are emerging in many European countries, including Spain. At the same time, the potential is seriously underutilized. The current production of biomethane is

Present and future

The future of the biomethane sector in Spain

There are currently five biomethane plants in Spain injecting into the gas network (with a coverage of more than 100.000 km). Spain's total biomethane production in 2021 amounted to 100 GWh. There is strong interest in the development of the biomethane market: the biogas sector is asking the Spanish government

Launch III Renewable Gas Show

The III Renewable Gas Show will be held on October 3 and 4, 2023 in Valladolid

In 2023, the III Renewable Gas Show will be held again after the magnificent reception that the second edition of the event had by professionals in the sector last October. The Spanish Biogas Association (AEBIG), as technical partner, and the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM), as organizing entity, call

Genia Plant in Cabezón

The joint venture formed by Genia Bioenergy and San Gregorio builds a biomethane plant for Somacyl in the Valladolid town of Cabezón de Pisuerga

The Public Society of Infrastructure and Environment of Castilla y León (Somacyl) awarded the contract for the design and construction of a biomethane plant on a plot adjacent to the station to the joint venture formed by the energy engineering company Genia Bioenergy and the construction company San Gregorio. Cabezón de Pisuerga treatment plant. The investment

source system guarantees

The management procedure for the biogas origin guarantee system published

The Official State Gazette of October 31, 2022 publishes Order TED/1026/2022, of October 28, which approves the management procedure of the system of guarantees of origin of gas from renewable sources. With it, part of Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of the European Parliament is transposed and

Hall Entrance

More than 100 exhibiting firms, 2000 professional visitors and 500 congressmen will meet at the II Renewable Gas Show on October 5 and 6 at the Valladolid Fair

The second edition of the Renewable Gas Show will show the latest in technology, knowledge and resources to accelerate the successful implementation of biogas, biomethane and other renewable gases projects in Spain. The sector as a whole is determined to ensure that Spain becomes the fourth country in the European ranking in production of

construction installation raacpur

RAACPUR brings together with INTRANOX to the II Renewable Gas Show a high load aerobic reactor, a key solution for the treatment of digestate of livestock origin

INTRANOX has designed the high load aerobic reactor that RAACPUR brings to the II Renewable Gas Show. An innovative project that offers a responsible and sustainable solution for the management of organic waste, a project that has opted to energetically valorize by-products of livestock origin. This reactor joins the extensive portfolio

biogas installation

The Danish biogas model

AEBIG and AVEBIOM have chosen Denmark as a guest country at the II Renewable Gas Exhibition due to the important development of biogas and biomethane that it has achieved and for the determined business commitment to bring its technology closer to Spanish projects. Currently the Nordic country has 200 biogas plants

nedgia installation image

Renewable gas, present and future

Francisco Torres Calvo, head of New Business Development at Nedgia, analyzes the current energy situation regarding the use and implementation of renewable gases in Spain. Given the unfavorable context in which Europe is immersed and the consequent worsening of the energy crisis, there is no doubt the urgent need to achieve immediate, feasible and

Webinar image

Webinar: First call for aid for unique biogas installation projects

Within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), the deadline for submitting applications for the first call for aid for unique biogas installation projects opens on September 12, 2022. The window will be open for one month, with the deadline for submitting applications starting at 9:00 a.m.

botres plant

BOTRES GLOBAL technology in the biogas plant in Ibiza

With more than 20 years of experience, the German company BOTRES is specialized in product development and implementation of sustainable technology, building highly efficient biorefineries that produce biogas energy, clean water, high-quality fertilizers and protein-rich food and feed. from organic waste. All with zero emissions.

BMP erzeuger

bmp greengas develops efficient solutions for the energy supply of the future

Since 2017, bmp greengas is a subsidiary of the German energy group EnBW, they operate 20 of their own #biomethane plants, with a portfolio volume of more than 4 TWh, they are the main European marketer of #biomethane and an expert in green gases. With two main advantages for its market partners: On the one hand, all its obligations

Mavitec Paddle Depacker Solution

Paddle Depacker the exclusive MAVITEC GREEN ENERGY machine

Paddle Depacker produces the cleanest organic output (>99,5% clean), which is perfect for use in biogas installations and complies with the latest European legislation. The latest laboratory results show even less than 0,2% of physical impurities in the dry matter of pulp from various types of

Renewable ahydro gas installation

Ahidra, water and energy, SL presents the BIDOX® System

The BIDOX® system is the aerobic biological process for the desulfurization of gas streams (BIDOX® Process for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide), a treatment of high hydrogen sulfide loads for industrial biogas production facilities. Ahidra, Agua y Energía, SL offers its potential clients a technological innovation tested with

15th International Bioenergy Congress

The 15th International Bioenergy Congress focuses on BIOGAS and BIOMETHANE

In total, 52 papers have been selected to be presented orally at the next International Bioenergy Congress, which will be held on October 5 and 6 at the Valladolid Fair in parallel to the II Renewable Gas Show organized by AVEBIOM together with AEBIG. , the Spanish Biogas Association. The remaining

Help table

150 million in aid for biogas installation projects

On July 26, Order TED/706/2022, of July 21, was published in the BOE, approving the regulatory bases of the call. The submission period is from September 12 to October 14 of this year, and the deadline to have the project executed ends on

Biogas Plant in Valladolid

Valladolid will have a biogas generation plant

The Department of Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning of the Government of Castilla y León, through Somacyl, has put out to tender the drafting of the construction project and execution of the works for the construction of a green biogas generation plant in the treatment plant in the town of Cabezón de Pisuerga

Biomethane development

The development of biomethane will be unstoppable and imminent

The president of the Spanish Biogas Association, Francisco Repullo, highlights that, although the technology has the potential to become a pole for all of Europe, the objectives set by the government are not ambitious enough. According to numbers from the Administrative Registry of Electrical Energy Production Facilities (PRETOR), of the Ministry

regatrace logo

The REGATRACE project recognized as key to the objectives set in the REPowerEU

The European REGATRACE Consortium, in which AEBIG participates, has been referenced in the REPowerEU of the European Commission: In the “Achieving the Biomethane Targets” section, actions are identified to help achieve the objective of 35 bcm of annual biomethane production by 2030 : “The REGATRACE project of “Horizon 2020” regarding the

The Danish biogas model and its replicability in Spain

Narcis Margall is a consultant specialized in promoting commercial relations between Denmark and Spain in the renewable energy sector. For 16 years, through Danish institutions such as the Danish Chamber of Commerce for Southwestern Europe and now with the initiative, he wants to support the deployment of the Danish model of

Naturgy Foundation Book

Biogas as a key lever in the decarbonization of the Spanish economy

Naturgy Foundation presents this report in which it discusses the reality of biogas and biomethane in Spain and what challenges arise for its development. CIEMAT and PwC have addressed these issues in their study: Biogas and biomethane as a key lever in the decarbonization of the economy

Installation infographic

Genia Bioenergy and Veolia work on a new Circular Economy project unique in Europe

Genia Bioenergy, Veolia and Magtel, leading companies in the renewable sector, come together in a model that combines biogas, biomass and photovoltaic solar energy, in a new project for the COVAP Group. The COVAP Group, made up of the Pedroches Valley Livestock Cooperative, Lactiber, Làctia and Naturleite, has presented its

dairy plant

Central Lechera Asturiana will invest 4 million in Biogastur to obtain biomethane

Since Central Lechera Asturiana assumed 100% management of the Naviega manure plant, Biogastur, the facilities have not stopped being upgraded. Now they are in the process of receiving the raw materials, slurry and eco-sostrates. It is a gradual process, with which they aim to reach maximum performance. He explained from

HTN installation

AEMA and HTN, an innovative and guarantee approach for the treatment of liquid digestate from the biogas plant

Hibridación Termosolar Navarra, SL (HTN Biogás), has a high-capacity agro-industrial co-digestion plant in Navarra for the treatment and energy recovery of organic livestock and agro-industrial waste through anaerobic digestion. HTN Biogás has trusted Aema (Water, Energy and Environment), a company specialized in water purification, to carry out the construction of a treatment station capable

biogas plant

Aebig denounces the national delay and demands similar aid to France

Spain, the third country in the EU with the greatest technical potential to produce biogas, maintains a deep gap in the development of this technology with respect to the rest of Europe. And, compared to the almost 20.000 biogas plants that the continent has, the Spanish territory does not reach 250, adding

New Royal Decree

The Council of Ministers approves a Royal Decree that creates the system of guarantees of origin for renewable gases such as #biogas or #biomethane

The Council of Ministers, at the request of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), has approved a Royal Decree that creates the system of guarantees of origin for renewable gases, such as renewable hydrogen, biogas or biomethane, that will allow marketers and consumers to differentiate them from the source gas


SUEZ and PRODEVAL form a joint company to support biomethane production

Works4Impact, a joint venture between SUEZ (60%) and PRODEVAL (40%), focuses on the use of biogas produced from organic waste and sewage sludge. It brings together a major French multinational company operating in the field of water and waste management and an innovative technology company focused on

Enagás Renovable, Genia Bioenergy and Grupo Valora promote a biomethane generation plant in Jaén

Enagás Renovable, Genia Bioenergy and Grupo Valora promote a biomethane generation plant in Jaén fueled by alperujo and slurry

The project, which contributes to the promotion of decarbonization and the circular economy, has been presented to the Territorial Delegation of Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía in Jaén. This installation would also allow the production of about 80.000 tons of organic fertilizers and would mean savings of CO2 emissions of approximately

Biogas and biomethane plant

“The time has come for renewable gas”

Luis Puchades and Juliana Herrero, biogas project director and technician respectively at Biovic Consulting SL, talk about Spain's potential in the biogas and biomethane sector. After a long time lagging behind other European countries, the biogas and biomethane sector is experiencing a boom in Spain with several projects in the pipeline.

biovo project

BioVO project for the generation of biomethane

The Vallès Oriental and Besòs Tordera consortia join forces to generate biomethane. A biogas enrichment or Upgrading plant will be built with a budget of 2.775.000 euros in an area shared between the two consortia, in the Raiguer industrial estate, in Granollers. The Vallès Oriental Waste Management Consortium

Map Biogas plants

2021: Record year for biomethane production in Europe

The European biomethane industry broke all records and reached 1.023 plants producing in October 2021. Of them, 994 plants were located and published on the biomethane map by the EBA, the European Biogas Association, a collaborating entity of the II Gas Show Renewable to be held in Valladolid on the 5th

agf plant

First injection of biomethane into the grid by private initiative

In September 2021, the first biomethane injection was carried out into the network of Nedgia, a distributor of the Naturgy group. UNUE's objective is to produce and inject 20 GWh per year of biomethane into the gas system, which would mean a reduction in emissions of around 30.000 tons of CO2 equivalent. The plant

Beef farm waste

Métha-Vie: a group of 19 farmers committed to bioNGV

Métha-Vie is an important project of 19 French farms, conceived 9 years before its implementation. After a very long administrative procedure, it has been demonstrated that this is the main obstacle to achieving energy independence in countries like France or Spain, since environmental biogas or biomass projects in other countries

cooperl image

Biogas, fertilizers and algae from pig farm waste

Cooperl, one of the world's largest pig producers, is creating biogas, biofertilizers and algae feed from animal waste. Cooperl is an agricultural pig farming cooperative based in Brittany (France) that has a turnover of over 2.000 billion euros per year and 7.400 employees.

Genia Plant

Genia Bionergy will grow in biogas with a new plant in Llíria

Genia Bioenergy, the division specialized in the development of biogas plants of the Genia group, wants to launch a new biomethane facility located in the Valencian municipality of Llíria in which an investment of just over 8 million euros is planned. The project aims to convert 192.700 tons of waste per year

Lorca Farm

Lorca farms will inject biogas into the network for 5.000 homes

The biogas obtained from the waste and slurry from Lorca's pig farms will be able to power around 5.000 homes, according to estimates by Redexis, the company that distributes natural gas in the Region. The company is preparing to build a five-kilometer pipeline that will connect the facilities