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1.322 biomethane plants already operate in Europe with a production of more than 3,5 bcm as shown in the new “Biomethane Map 2022-2023”

The 2022-23 edition of Biomethane Map shows the most recent and available data on Europe's biomethane plants. It has been prepared by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) and the European Biogas Association (EBA), a collaborating entity in the development of the Renewable Gas Show. 

"Biomethane production has enjoyed notable growth over the last decade and this upward trend continues with an almost 30% increase in the number of biomethane plants compared to the previous edition of this map. This is a strong sign of the industry's efforts to increase production and drive further acceleration to reach the 35 bcm by 2030 target proposed by the European Commission in the REPowerEU plan”. Highlights Harmen Dekker, CEO from EBA.

Distable figures:

  • Europe reached a total of 1.322 biomethane production facilities in April 2023. Of these, 1.174 plants were located by the EBA and shown on the map launched today.
  • There are 299 new plants more than on the 2021 map, which represents almost 30% more. Since 2018, the number of biomethane plants in Europe shown on the map has increased: 483 plants in 2018, 729 in 2020 and 1023 in 2021.

Europe already produces more than 3,5 bcm of biomethane

This represents a production increase rate of 20% in 2021. An even greater increase was expected for 2022 where, although consolidated data is not disclosed, estimates confirm a significant increase in the number of plants and production quotas. production.
Furthermore, the data collected for the preparation of this map shows that more than 75% of current plants are already connected to transportation or distribution networks. 

Regarding the use of raw materials, a clear trend is observed towards agricultural waste, organic municipal solid waste and sewage sludge. As of 2017, almost no new plants were established to run monocultures.

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