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AEMA and HTN, an innovative and guaranteed approach for the treatment of liquid digestate from the biogas plant

"We are convinced that what is generated in the WWTP can be used as a resource and not as waste, it is raw material in the form of fertilizers and purified water for irrigation."

Hibridación Termosolar Navarra, S.L. (HTN Biogás), has a high-capacity agro-industrial co-digestion plant in Navarra for the treatment and energy recovery of organic livestock and agro-industrial waste through anaerobic digestion.

HTN Biogás has relied on Aema (Agua, Energía y Medioambiente), a company specialized in water purification, to carry out the construction of a treatment plant capable of separating the solid and liquid phase of the digestate at the minimum operating cost, in accordance with the parameters required by the competent administrations. The objective is also to recover the nutrients as much as possible and convert the liquid digestate into regenerated water for reuse and reuse in irrigation, up to a flow of 1,000 m3/day.

The project consists of applying different technologies to transform wastewater and liquid digestate into reclaimed water and into a solid fraction, for fertilizer in crop fields or composting, through the application of sustainable environmental technologies, which allow obtaining biogas and new fertilizer products for agricultural application.

The processes through which the liquid digestate will pass are: physical-chemical treatment for the elimination of solids and fats, degassing of ammonia (stripping), biological treatment with activated sludge for the oxidation of organic matter and ultrafiltration through polymeric membranes to achieve a high quality effluent.

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