Ambisort Circular presents innovations in the treatment of organic waste in the biogas industry

Experts from the Bioenergy Congress have put on the table the latest innovations in the treatment and dehydration of organic waste, especially in the biogas industry. In an outstanding presentation, Daniel Ayala, engineer and CEO of Ambisort Circular, shared key solutions to optimize this process.

Ayala highlighted the importance of digestate dehydration, a byproduct of anaerobic digestion, to maximize its value and applicability in the circular economy. Ambisort Circular, an engineering company specialized in waste treatment, offers comprehensive solutions that range from prior mechanical preparation to solid-liquid separation in various waste applications.

In the pre-digester approach, Ambisort Circular proposes the use of AKUPRESS, a screw press with a mechanical shutter that facilitates the separation of the waste components. This technology allows to obtain a solid cake and a high quality pressed liquid, reducing heavy waste and facilitating the biomethanation process.

For dehydration after the digester, Ambisort Circular offers solutions adapted to both dry and wet digesters. The use of state-of-the-art screw presses, such as the AKUPRESS BX, guarantees high levels of dehydration with low energy and polymer consumption, thus contributing to the operational and economic efficiency of the facilities.

The results obtained in various applications, both in digestate of organic fraction and in agricultural waste, show that the solutions proposed by Ambisort Circular exceed the performance of other technologies available on the market. With minimal energy consumption and a long useful life, these innovations represent a safe bet for the future of organic waste treatment in the biogas industry.

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