Bioenergy Iberica biogas installation

Bioenergy Ibérica promotes biogas plants in Catalonia

Iberian Bioenergy promotes the expansion of biogas plants in Catalonia, responding to the announcement by the Generalitat on the allocation of 46 million euros in aid to the primary sector for the implementation of these facilities on small and medium-sized farms.

With the aim of supporting the transformation of agricultural holdings, Iberian Bioenergy offers a variety of biogas installations, including a fixed installation kit designed specifically for this purpose. This Modular and expandable plant, with an electrical power ranging from 60 to 240 kWe, comes in an integrated format in a maritime container, completely pre-assembled and tested before installation, which guarantees quick start-up.

A recent example is the biogas plant inaugurated at the Queizuar facilities in Bama, La Coruña, which will generate 3.000.000 kWh of clean energy per year and will avoid the emission of more than 600 tons of CO2.

According to José Luis Romero, director of operations at Bioenergy Ibérica, «Agricultural and livestock farms have an excellent opportunity to evolve. At Bioenergy Ibérica we firmly believe in the need for a new energy model based on renewable energies. Bioenergy is presented as the optimal solution for these farms, since it contributes to decarbonization through the valorization of waste and by-products for the generation of clean and environmentally friendly energy, thus significantly reducing CO2 emissions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels in industry.

Bioenergy Iberica is a Premium Sponsor of the 4th Renewable Gas Show and the 17th International Bioenergy Congress