Biogas plant created by Biovic

Biovic develops biomethane projects in Spain worth €30 million in 2023

Biovic, the leading Spanish company in engineering and execution of sustainable energy projects behind the major initiatives in the biomethane and biogas sector in Spain, has been one of the leading companies in the V International Congress on Energy Engineering (iENER) held in Valencia, where he participated with the help of his Agro and R&D business manager, Carlos Parrado Abad. The company has focused its presence at this event on its objective of transferring the capacity of biomethane to become the center of circular economy models in agricultural environments, and has highlighted how biogas projects can decisively contribute to agricultural, environmental and energy sustainability

  • Engineering stands out for its commitment to make biomethane at the center of circular economy models in agricultural environments, through the generation of clean energy and the use of the digest as a powerful organic fertilizer
  • With more than 15 years of experience, the company has signed more than 300 engineering projects, fifty of them focused on biomethane plants, which will represent a global production of more than 1 TWh, and more than a dozen on upgrading plants   

And, as he has had the opportunity to present to experts and companies in the energy sector, in the projects developed by this engineering, the raw material from agricultural activity is used to generate biomethane. At the same time that this gas is produced, a digested by-product is generated, which is an excellent organic fertilizer for agricultural land, by conserving all the NPK of the input substrates for digestion. But, in parallel, the digest nourishes the soil, increasing its level of organic matter, acting as a CO sink.2, and increasing the water retention capacity of agricultural soils. In this way, the biogas industry can contribute not only to the generation of clean energy, but also to improve the productivity of agricultural activity and improve its environmental impact.

In the words of Carlos Parrado:

“At Biovic we use the most advanced technologies to transform waste into energy, but also to close the cycle of resource use through the creation of a high-quality organic fertilizer that returns essential nutrients to the soil, and from there we start again. this virtuous circle of circular bioeconomy.”

Biomethane projects with an execution value of about €30 M

In this sense, the company has just closed an important year in which has facilitated the execution and development of around 30 million euros in important biomethane plants in different parts of Spain, such as Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia or the Valencian Community. What's more, the Spanish company plans to design large projects with a combined value of around €400 million until 2027.

In turn, the company has strengthened all activities related to agriculture and the production of organic fertilizers, ensuring that its projects have a differential added value for this reason.

As Luis Puchades, director of Biovic, states:

“We are pioneers in the development of this type of engineering projects. We have paved the way and continue to innovate in a field that we must focus on in Spain. At Biovic we are aware, not only of the potential of the projects we undertake with our clients, but we are totally convinced of the strategic importance that clean energies, such as biomethane and biogas, contribute to society and industry, for the sake of achieve a sustainable and autonomous energy model that the EU demands of us. All this must be done in perfect harmony with our primary sector.”

Big projects in 2023

Among the large biomethane plant projects in which Biovic engineering has participated, the Galivi project, in Lorca (Murcia), stands out, which will inject up to 30 GWh of biomethane per year into the gas network; the Granollers plant, promoted by the Bioenergía Vallés Oriental (BioVO) project, which will produce 22 GWh of biomethane annually; and the Biomethane Montes de Toledo plant, located in the municipality of Noez (Toledo), which will produce 40 GWh of biomethane annually, in addition to compost, or the Utiel projects of AEMA Servicios Energéticas. This last project will use agro-industrial waste to produce about 15 MWh of biomethane, and is aligned with the Valencian Biogas Route, which promotes the construction of a hundred renewable gas plants in the region to produce 65% of the gas consumed by Valencian homes.

Regarding biogas projects, Biovic has developed the Llutxent (València) plant, belonging to the Montagut group, which will treat up to 129.000 tons of waste, and which has an interesting production plant for raw materials for the production of organic fertilizers. in a facility that is almost built.

BIOVIC will be on October 1 and 2 at the 4th Renewable Gas Show