biogas installation

Biogas is good and necessary, and all the agents involved must ensure that this is the case

AEBIG  works to give visibility to good practices in the world of agroindustrial biogas, and serve to reinforce the sector in the face of the numerous accusations of lack of truthful information against biogas plants, led by various groups and platforms.

The construction of anaerobic digestion plants entails a multitude of complex and varied techniques for energy production, related to the correct environmental management of livestock and agro-industrial by-products, wastewater treatment sludge, municipal organic waste, or the production of digested with potential as raw material for the production of fertilizers, as some examples. At the same time, it allows the generation of new economic opportunities in sparsely inhabited rural areas, or synergy with the agri-food industry, agriculture and livestock.

What needs to be done and what needs to be told

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