Inauguration II Renewable Gas Show

The Renewable Gas Show continues to grow: more than 200 exhibiting companies, 700 congressmen and 3.000 accredited professionals will attend its third edition

During two days, Valladolid It will once again be the European epicenter of the biogas and biomethane sector, where professionals from all related industries will be able to strengthen ties and launch new projects.

Spain is at a favorable time to accelerate the start-up of biogas and biomethane plants and position itself as the third European country with the highest installed capacity. This is reflected in the interest of exhibitors, professional visitors and congress participants, which is increasing for the third consecutive year. In fact, 3.000 professional visitors from all over Spain have already been accredited to visit the show, while the congress will have more than 700 attendees.

Biogas and biomethane, an energy and environmental solution within our reach

Renewable gases are a medium and even short-term solution, since they are produced from organic materials of different origins and biomass, abundant in the country. For example, the livestock and agroindustrial sectors need to manage more than 50 million cubic meters of waste materials each year, the transformation of which into biomethane could avoid the consumption of more than 1.230 million cubic meters of fossil natural gas, equivalent to 14,44 TWh of energy (4% of total gas consumption).

Javier Diaz, president of the Spanish Biomass Association, points out that “Spain already has new generation plants operating; With the support of public administrations, as is the case in neighboring countries, we will be able to quickly launch dozens of plants, even hundreds, throughout the territory and thus comply with our environmental commitments.”

The European Union is allocating funds with the aim of producing biogas and biomethane in sufficient quantities to cover at least 10% of the expected natural gas consumption throughout Europe by 2030. The biomethane, produced locally, will be used through injection into existing gas networks to produce heating, for example, or directly for transport, while fighting climate change by avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy independence.

According to Francisco Repullo, president of the Spanish Biogas Association, “to guarantee the growth and consolidation of the sector in Spain, it is crucial to define an ambitious production objective and unify the vision among all interested parties. This will allow us to attract more investors and developers.”

The III Renewable Gas Show is organized by the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM) with the support of the Spanish Biogas Association (AEBIG) as a technological partner, and has the collaboration of the Government of Castilla y León through Somacyl ; of the Valladolid City Council through its Innovation and Economic Development Agency.

Among its sponsors are leading companies in the promotion of biogas and biomethane projects in Spain.