Lorca Farm

Lorca farms will inject biogas into the network for 5.000 homes

The biogas obtained from the waste and slurry from the Lorca pig farms will make it possible to feed some 5.000 homes, according to estimates by Redexis, the company that distributes natural gas in the Region. The company is preparing to build a five-kilometer pipeline that will connect the plant facilities where biomethane is generated with the supply network and anticipates that by the end of the year this renewable fuel will be able to be used by consumers in the Region.

The project has been possible after the agreement reached between Redexis and the company Galivi Solar, which has built the plant in which organic remains are treated for the generation of biomethane. This is a pioneering initiative in Spain, which allows the Region to incorporate a new power source into the natural gas distribution network that takes advantage of waste from livestock farms.

As explained by the director of Redexis for the Region and the Mediterranean area, Óscar Báidez, the Lorca plant will inject up to 40 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of biomethane per year, which will mean savings in polluting emissions of around 7.820 tons of CO2 equivalent. The company has about 118.000 clients in the Region, making it a significant contribution, which may be expanded in the future. This figure includes both industries and domestic consumers.

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