Can Mata biogas plant

Nedgia launches its first reverse flow in Spain to receive all biomethane production from Waga Energy and PreZero

The installation will allow the WAGABOX® plant at the Can Mata controlled deposit (Barcelona) to operate at full capacity and inject up to 70 GWh of renewable gas per year into the grid, equivalent to the consumption of 14.000 homes or 200 trucks.

nedgia, gas distributor of the Naturgy group, has launched its first reverse flow installation in the municipality of Capellades (Barcelona) in order to inject into the network all the biomethane produced by the WAGABOX® unit located in the controlled deposit of Can Mata , in Els Hostalets de Pierola. This reverse flow installation is essential to obtain the maximum potential in biomethane injection capacity by allowing renewable gas to be transported from the distribution network to the secondary transportation network.

PreZero Spain, one of the main companies in the environmental sector specialized in the provision of urban services and the development of circular economy solutions, and Waga Energy, specialist in the production of biomethane from landfill gas, launched an innovative biomethane production unit in the Can Mata controlled deposit on June 20, 2023.

Thanks to technology WAGABOX® , developed and patented by Waga Energy, this installation valorizes the biogas emitted by waste deposited in landfills in the form of biomethane, a gas of renewable origin with qualities similar to those of fossil natural gas and which is called to play a crucial role in the energy transition.

The WAGABOX® unit injects its biomethane production into a branch of the Nedgia distribution network thanks to a six kilometer connection financed by Waga Energy within the framework of this project. Until now, this biomethane was consumed in local environments.

Technology reverse flow It is crucial to fully exploit the potential of biomethane production, since it allows the transport and consumption of renewable gas, key in the decarbonization process, beyond the local environment in which it is produced. In this way, the WAGABOX® unit can now operate at full capacity all year round. This is the first reverse flow installed in Spain by a gas distribution network operator.

The reverse flow installation will allow the injection of up to 70 GWh of renewable gas per year, equivalent to the consumption of 14.000 homes or 200 trucks.

This represents avoiding the emission of about 17.000 tons of eqCO2 per year. With an area of ​​78 hectares, Can Mata is one of the largest controlled deposits in Spain. Managed by PreZero Spain, it treats urban and industrial waste in Barcelona and its surroundings. With more than 22 million tons of waste stored in the last 30 years, the center produces almost 40 million cubic meters of biogas per year.

nedgia, The gas distributor of the Naturgy group is the leading company in the sector in Spain, where it operates in 11 autonomous communities and 1.150 municipalities. It has more than 5,5 million supply points that represent 70% of the country's consumers to which it can safely and efficiently deliver the energy supply of natural gas and renewable gases, biomethane and hydrogen, through its more than 57.000 kilometers of networks. Innovation, closeness and customer service characterize its activity and are part of its reason for being as the backbone of the national energy system.

Currently, PreZero Spain As operator of the controlled deposit of Can Mata and the PTB of Madrid, it has the capacity to produce 60% of Spain's biomethane and 95% if we consider only natural gas from waste. That is why projects like this, together with Waga Energy and Nedgia, represent a significant step in the development of biomethane as a pillar of a more sustainable economy in Spain.

Waga Energy operates 24 units (owned or sold) in France, Spain, Canada and the United States, which represent an installed capacity of 940 GWh/year. Each project undertaken by Waga Energy contributes to the fight against global warming and the energy transition. Waga Energy is listed on Euronext Paris.

Nedgia, Prezero and Waga Energy will be on October 1 and 2 at the 4th Renewable Gas Hall