Antonio Tarazona chemically sustainable

Tarazona presents two sustainable additives for the BIOGAS sector at the Valladolid Renewable Gas Show

Biogas is a high-quality and absolutely renewable fuel, one of the greatest champions of the circular economy, since it comes from the use of a wide range of organic waste. It is produced by anaerobic digestion, it is a biological process in which organic matter, in the absence of oxygen, and through the action of a group of specific bacteria, is decomposed into gaseous products or “biogas” (CH4, CO2, H2, H2S , etc.), and in digestate which is a mixture of mineral products (N, P, K, Ca, etc.)

In the Tarazona Industry Division They have two types of sustainable additives for the sector with the objective of desulfurization of biogas and with the optimization of the conversion to methane:

  • TU-BIOP® AN4400, is a product that increases biogas production using the most natural and environmentally friendly biotechnology.
  • OXIRED® MR11, is a product that helps the rapid desulfurization of biogas with a product of 100% natural origin obtained in a sustainable way.

The Industry Division of Antonio Tarazona participates on October 3 and 4 in the Gas_Renewable Hall, at the Valladolid Fair, at stand 335.

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