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Tietjen presents the unpacking system that improves performance in waste treatment

The German company TIETJEN With more than 100 years planning and building personalized grinding solutions, from the raw material to the perfect supply to the pelletizing or extrusion system, they will present their unpacking solution at the II Renewable Gas Show.

Improving biomass yield with the Tietjen unpacking system

The unpacking system, consisting of the DRM separation mill and the PRS300 screw press, unpacks food and separates packaging and biomass. In the next process step, the separated packaging material is dewatered with the screw press to further increase the biomass yield and optimally prepare the packaging waste for recycling. 

The DRM separation mill is optimized for waste treatment and separates up to 25 tons of packaged food per hour. It has two rotors and achieves considerably purer separation performance thanks to this design. The new PRS300 screw press dewaters the remaining containers. After separation in the DRM mill, the packaging material is introduced into the screw press. Here, the adhered biomass is pressed again. The screw press has a robust stainless steel design, great ease of maintenance and a hydraulically controlled contact pressure, which allows the pressing pressure to be adapted depending on the different densities of the separated materials. 

More information about the unpacking system:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNMTT0m6qPA&t=2s 

Website: https://www.tietjen-original.com/es/productos/m%C3%A1quinas/molino-dedoble-drm/

Contact: Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik GmbH 

Marketing: Vanessa Birri & Sandra Mohr