Antonio Tarazona

ZEWATECH: STRIPPING for Ecological and Profitable Management of Digestates in Biogas Plants

The challenge of treating wastewater with high concentrations of ammonia affects numerous sectors, representing both an environmental and economic problem. Traditionally, Biogas plants have faced high costs when managing this waste, either sending it to specialized managers or discharging it into the environment.

ZEWATECH, with its patented TURBOFLASH technology, presents an efficient and cost-effective solution. This technology allows the management of digestates and the implementation of STRIPPING in a single piece of equipment, thus recovering the ammonia. ZEWATECH's approach focuses on ZERO WASTE, achieving water free of nitrates and carbon monoxide that will be suitable for reuse. In addition, NPK fertilizer is obtained as a concentrate for subsequent revaluation. This comprehensive solution not only treats digestate effluents, but also optimizes the generation of solid waste and can use biogas as an energy source for the evaporator.

To learn more about how ZEWATECH can benefit your company in the field of Biogas, visit us at RENEWABLE GAS EXHIBITION 2023, stand number 214, on October 3-4.

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